The Conundrum
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Picture and some biography infromation credit

TnTs Witchblade


Yancy Butler - Sara Pezzini

Yancy Butler made her feature film debut opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme in John Woo's Hard Target and then starred opposite Wesley Snipes in Drop Zone. Her television credits include starring roles in the series Mann & Machine, South Beach and Steven Bochco's critically acclaimed Brooklyn South. She has also guest starred on Third Watch, Law & Order and NYPD Blue.
Yancy Butler plays Sara Pezzini a fierecly determined NYPD homicide detective. Sara is the chosen one, the one who will wear, weild, and serve the witchblade.


David Chokachi - Jake McCartey

David Chokachi is recognized internationally for his role as lifeguard Cody Madison on the popular television series Baywatch. Chokachi's first starring film role was in Showtime's The Unspeakable, which was shot on location in Ireland for director Howard McCain. In the film, he played a psychotic killer who falls in love with the cop sent to investigate him. His other television credits include CBS's A Crime of Passion and ABC's Bad to the Bone; guest appearances on Suddenly Susan and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; and several made for television movies. He starred in the feature film 12 Bucks and the campy beach thriller Psycho Beach Party, which premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.
Originally from Plymouth, Mass., David Chokachi was a political science major at Bates College in Maine before he turned to acting. When he's not in Toronto shooting WITCHBLADE, he resides in Los Angeles. An avid outdoor sports enthusiast, his hobbies include windsurfing, surfing, sailing, water skiing, snowboarding and fly fishing.
David Chokachi plays Jake McCartey a rookie cop apprenticed to Sara Pezzini. The rookie tries time in time again to prove himself to the department, but he can't seem to shake the surfer boy image. Jake holds secerts of his own...


Will Yun Lee - Danny Woo

Will Yun Lee next appears in the James Bond film Die Another Day and the independent film Face, the latter of which premiered at Sundance 2002 and was accepted to the 45th San Francisco International Film Festival this year. Prior to these films, he starred opposite Julianna Margulies and Joan Chen in What's Cooking?, the feature film that won critical praise when it opened the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. His television credits include featured roles on Nash Bridges and The Disciples and guest-starring roles on series including The Agency, Profiler and Brimstone.
Born in Arlington, Va., Lee's family moved frequently as his father opened up Tae Kwan Do schools across the United States. He attended the University of California at Berkeley and currently resides in Los Angeles.
Will Yun Lee plays Danny Woo. Sara's partner and a very trusted ally. Danny is unaware of the Witchblade and it's powers but, he grows ever so supicious when Sara mysteriously evades one deadly situation after another.


Eric Etebari - Ian Nottingham

Etebari attended San Diego State University and still calls Los Angeles home
Eric Etebari plays the intelligently skilled assian Ian Nottingham. His skills surpass most humans. Kenneth Irons bodyguard, Ian follows through with his employers every order but holds a bit of contempt for him. Irons mission seems to be too kill Sara and Ian finds it harder and harder to follow through with the orders on the woman he is so close to.


Anthony Cistaro - Kenneth Irons

Anthony Cistaro garnered recurring roles on the television series Angel and Alright Already and as Henri on Cheers. He has made guest appearances on Seinfeld, Thanks, The Nanny, Search and Rescue and Bob.
A Bay Area, Calif., native, Cistaro studied with the American Repertory Theatre in Boston and recently performed in the London production of Julie Taymor's The King Stag. When not acting, Cistaro's enjoys being a member of a masters swim team.
Anthony Cistaro plays Kenneth Irons a multi-millionarie. Despite all that he has he dosen't have what he truly wants, the Witchblade.


John Hensely - Gabriel Bowman

John Hensley starred opposite Gabriel Byrne in the television series Madigan Men. His other television credits include guest-starring roles on The Sopranos and Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy.
A native of Louisville, Ky., Hensley worked on a ranch in Cody, Wyo., for two years before deciding to pursue a career in acting
John Hensely plays Gabriel Bowman a ancient artifacts dealer. He reconizes the witchblade and it's worth and quickly becomes a trusted ally to Sara, helping her on her quest.

-Guest Stars-

Kathern Winslow-Vicky Po
Peter Mensah-Hector Mobius
Joseph Scoren-Talon Green
Robert John Burke-Dean Gorner
Louis Di Bianco-Mr. Angeli
Ted Ludzik-Big Ben
Robert Morelli-Mr. Celano
Joe Butler-Arnold Buck
Leah Cudmore-Debbie Buck
Marika Dominczyk-Christina Wales
Conrad Dunn-Tommy Gallo
Dov Tiefenbach-Jagger
Kim De Lury-Conchobar
Nestor Serrano-Captain Bruno Dante
Kenneth Welsh-Captain Joe Siri
Malin Akerman-Karen Bronte
Bill McDonald-Jerry Orlinsky
Laila Robins-Dominique Boucher
Eden Roundtree-Charleyne
Roger Daltery-Father Dennis Del Toro


Executive Producers:
Marc Silvestri
Dan Halstead
J.D. Zeik

Perry Husman
Brad Foxhover
David Wohl

Ralph Hemecker

J.D. Zeik

Joel Goldsmith

Digital Visual Effects:
Look! Effects